Who are we?

Here at the Blind Goat, our focus is producing great tasting craft meads and hard ciders. Mead (or honey wine) is one of the oldest recorded alcoholic beverages known to man, and the hard cider market has exploded over the past few years. We aim to provide a beverage unlike any you’ve had before. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve sourced tons of local ingredients, including honey, juice, fruits, and vegetables. That means nearly everything that went into making your glass of mead or cider came from within 30 miles of the cider house.

Like many great projects, these types of alcoholic beverages take some time to produce. So keep checking back, and more information will be available soon.


-The Blind Goat Cider House Staff

Blind Goat Cider House – Handcrafted in Quincy, Illinois